Imagine removing the crumbling Gardiner Expressway, improving east-west transit and pedestrian options, and relieving traffic gridlock… with little or no disruption.

Toronto Waterfront Viaduct: A spectacular cable-stayed structure and an essential commuter link.

All four modes of transportation must be acknowledged during the revitalization process of the waterfront.

This proposal is based on a cable-stayed viaduct running above the existing lake shore rail corridor. Since these railway tracks are not going to be removed from their current location, due to their major transportation role for downtown Toronto, the right-of-way that they occupy seems to be the obvious choice to improve transporation capacity, while removing the elevated expressway.

The cable-stayed viaduct would run just above the railway tracks, hosting all modes of transportation in a unique corridor: drive, transit, walk and cycle.

Additionally, the true physical barrier to the waterfront (the rail corridor) is transformed into a valuable source of north-south connections (see skyPATH after reading this section).


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