Situation Solution SKYPATH
These are the four methods of transportation we use for our daily activities, and the acknowledgement of all of these is vital to the ongoing revitalization of Toronto's waterfront.

This website is dedicated to an original proposal to replace the current elevated section of the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto. The proposal consists of a cable-stayed viaduct that combines an expressway for private vehicles, lanes for a light rail transit system, and panoramic lanes for pedestrians and bicycle use. All of this running just above the existing railway lines, in a unique waterfront transportation corridor.

As you will see when you navigate through the present SITUATION (buttons on the left) and the proposed SOLUTION, perhaps the most exciting element of this one-of-a-kind architectural “wonder of the world” is the simple fact that the city will be reconnected to its waterfront... with almost no disruptions during construction.

Enjoy the trip!